So, you want to incorporate AI into your helpdesk...

but you don’t know where to start?

We provide a pragmatic way to measure, analyse and optimise your chat channel – providing guidance on the type of solutions your business (really) needs.

Gain instant efficiencies

Of up to 25% through Chat BOT/Agent collaboration

Drive customer insights

Our service helps you determine your automation roadmap.

Improve service levels

Faster answers to basic service requests improves CX & benefits all.

We integrate with all of these platforms, with more coming soon

High level overview

of a typical Phase 1, four-month engagement


chat-bot feature in your environment.

Analyse 1

initial chats for insights into user intents.


some initial conversations on chat channel.

Analyse 2

deeper insights into user and bot interactions.


service management automation roadmap.

What happens next?

After three months of analysis, testing and application of a basic bot-enabled chat process we then provide a full report that places your organisation in one of three categories.

User adoption of the chat-bot feature is low and we do not see any requirement for further action at this time.

There is active user adoption of the chat-bot feature but we do not feel there is enough value just yet. Keep  chat active but don’t scale yet.

Your users actively engage with the chat-bot feature. Your organisation is likely to enjoy significant ROI from large-scale chat-bot rollout.

Based on our findings we then recommend a solution that is fit-for-purpose, pragmatic and sensible.

What makes our approach better?

We start with real conversations

Use learnings to understand interactions

Develop an automation strategy

We help you Build Great, Interactive, Conversations

that combine with your existing helpdesk to deliver

24/7 center uptime

Better customer service

Greater agency efficiencies

More cost savings

What is trend telling us?


of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual customer assistant (VCA) or chatbot technology across engagement channels by 2020.


customers worldwide who rate their overall perception of bots as positive, with speed of service, quick access to helpful information and usability rating well.


of millennials and 28% of business execs would pay a premium a for hybrid service run by AI that offers direct access to humans, versus a human-only service.

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