The 3 essentials of AI Bots for IT Help Desk

According to Gartner, Twenty-five percent of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual customer assistant (VCA) or chatbot technology across engagement channels by 2020.

The benefits of a well-executed strategy (for both company and customer) are significant – with IT Help Desk most certainly one of the areas within enterprises that has long been ripe for the AI- enabled picking.

Many Level-1 type of support requests, e.g. “reset password” are repetitive and of such a nature that it can viably be serviced by a resolver bot army, so to speak.

Once you understand your environment and end-users are comfortable with the chat channel, the following automation opportunities can typically be realised in IT service desk environments:

  • Catch and despatch of all tickets – this removes around 3 minutes of human time per ticket on 100% of tickets logged by the service desk.
  • Password resets, account locks, permissions on various systems - these queries can take up to 12 minutes to resolve and usually consist of around 30% off all queries on a service desk.
  • “Status of my ticket”– these queries can take up to 3 minutes to resolve and they usually consist of around 15% off all queries to the service desk.
  • Issues with email - these are not usually that high in volume but this issue makes users extremely unproductive.
  • Network related issues – these are not usually that high in volume but this issue makes users extremely unproductive.

IT help desk meets Artificial Intelligence

In this article on Chatbots Magazine the following statement is made; “With recent advancements in infinite computing, natural language understanding (NLU), and deep learning, the application of enterprise AI solutions is more practical than ever before.

In fact, with roughly 30–50% of Level 1 Help Desk support cases being repetitive, you can leverage the power of NLU and cognitive automation in the form of AI bots.”

They further unpack that statement by highlighting three essentials of an AI bot for Enterprise IT help desk needs.

  1. Enterprise Language Understanding (Sparse Data vs Dense Data)
  2. User Interactions (AI Worker vs AI Assistant)
  3. Ability to fulfil service requests (FAQ Knowledge base vs RPA/API)

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How Bot Republic helps you prepare for the rise of chatbot technology.

Bot Republic does not compete with Live Chat solutions – we use “chat” as a channel to understand user interactions which we then measure, analyse and optimise in order to help develop a roadmap that makes sense for you and your business.

Ours is a pragmatic, step-by-step and consultative approach to automation.

We invite you to get in touch to understand more around our process and how Bot Republic can help establish a viable business case for your company.

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